Get Your Music Played On The Air

Yup that's right! We want to play your songs live for the world to hear!

How To Qualify

It's simple really. Just click the button below, You will then be directed to our server where you can then post your links to your music to have them played! THATS ALL!

If you're ready to enter the contest just click the image above to get started!

Who Takes The Cake?

Compete against other artists in order to find who is better. Who ever wins takes the prize money!

Network and make money with Social Media

People spend so much time on social media so why not make some money while you do it!

Sending your songs to have them played on air is always free with us! If you want to help support this platform and ensure that we can continue to do this feel free to make a donation. Thank you so much for checking everything out!

Lo Kee Money Tournament Win $1,000

Lo Kee Money Tournament Win $10,000

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